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COVID Related Information

For your convenience in this time of COVID restrictions, we have included a number of links to help in attending this year’s on-property ram sale.

Here you will find:
- COVID Safe recommendations ,
- Links to the current state health advice, and
- Event registration form below.

Although our online registration form is not mandatory, it would really help in our planning if you could please complete and submit the form if you plan to attend our on-property auction. Please also include the people attending with you, such as family members, in the More Information section of the form. If you would like to contact us directly, you can call or email us on the details provided.

Note: You will still be required to sign in to the property when you attend, as this is a legal requirement.

Please remember that our auction will be held online simultaneously by AuctionsPlus, on auctionsplus.com.au, if you’re unable to attend.

If you are travelling to and from our on-property sale, we recommend that you carry proof of your intent such as our pamphlets, any advertising, ram sale catalogue, etc. in the event you are pulled over by the authorities.

We will make all efforts to keep you informed and up to date regarding our sale, but we encourage you to make your own enquiries regarding your rights and responsibilities under any COVID related restriction or public health orders. We look forward to seeing you at this year’s ram sale. If you need any further information on Hovell Stud or would like to contact us, please use the details below:

How to
contact us:

Ph: (02) 6029 3262

Mob: 0428 250 725

"Oak Hill"
1517 Howlong Rd,
NSW 2642

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