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Breeding Philosophy

At Hovell Stud, fertility has been a breeding focus, with an emphasis on high lamb marking and weaning percentages.

Ewes are culled at either scanning, lamb marking or weaning for failure to conceive or rear a lamb.

The Hovell Stud sheep are noted for their mature body weight, constitution and hardiness.

With the use of Lambplan EBVs, we are targeting high growth, neutral fat cover and positive eye muscle depth to complement phenotype.

We take a balanced approach to breeding, using visual appraisal in combination with estimated breeding values.

Our rams have a distinct ability to adapt to multiple environments, working in prime lamb flocks from Temora to Bairnsdale, Hamilton to Omeo, and Cooma to Deniliquin.

Sale rams carry Lambplan EBVs, pedigree information, are structurally assessed, Brucellois accredited, Ovine Johnes Disease vaccinated, and up to date animal health treatments.

Hovell Stud has invested in leading industry sires on their genetic performance and to fit the stud’s breeding objectives.

Those sires are progeny tested on a select group of ewes before being using broadly throughout the stud.

Within the Border Leicester stud, we place emphasis on true-to-type medium to dense fleeces.

In the White Suffolk and Poll Dorset studs, we breed for a tight downs fleece with zero crimp.

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